Travelling to the USA?
Save up to 90% on roaming data and calls.
Use the Roamer SIM and App to:
· Make & receive international calls with your UK number
· Make & receive local calls with your US number
· Stay connected with 3G data
All without incurring roaming charges.
Buy your Roamer SIM now
· USA Roamer Ready SIM
· Unlimited free USA to USA calls
· Unlimited free international SMS
· 2GB of 3G data
· £10 Roamer call credit
· USA Roamer Ready SIM
· Unlimited free USA to USA calls
· Unlimited free international SMS
· 1GB of 3G data
· £5 Roamer call credit
£ 30
(inc p&p)
£ 20
(inc p&p)
Data provision comes pre-loaded on the SIM card. International call charges are deducted from your Roamer call credit.
Free postage & packaging. Please allow 7 days for SIM card delivery.
Calls to & from UK mobiles & landlines
Receive calls to your UK number
when in USA
Call UK mobiles & landlines
from your number
Calls are made and received using your regular UK mobile number. Roamer syncs seamlessly with your phone's contact list. Recipients of your calls will see your UK number as normal. International call charges are made on a pay as you go basis, deducted from your Roamer call credit. Top-up credit can be purchased simply through your app store. For the full Roamer calls tariff click here
Data Roaming
Your Roamer Ready SIM comes pre-loaded with either 1GB or 2GB of data at 3G speeds. The 1GB must be used within 14 days of arrival in the US and the 2GB within 30 days of arrival in the US. And don't worry, you can't be over charged. If you exceed the limit your data connection will simply turn off.

Your own US number
Upon arrival you will be issued with a US mobile number. Unlimited calls to and from this number within the United States as well as unlimited international SMS are free.

Free Roamer app
Download Roamer from the Appstore or Google Play, swap your regular SIM for the USA Roamer SIM when you arrive in the USA. You will then be able to use your phone, with your UK number, and your 3G data connection without incurring Roaming charges.

Useful information
SIM Sizes Unlocking your phone Travelling to other countries
Roamer supplies all SIM sizes. Select your phone model at checkout. If you have an iPhone5 you will need a nano SIM, If you have an iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S; an HTC One X; LG Google Nexus 4; Nokia N9 or any Nokia Lumia Windows Phone or the Samsung Galaxy SIII you will need a micro SIM.
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