Your number over Wi-Fi when you travel

Make and receive calls abroad with your regular number without paying roaming charges. Missed calls and free voicemail for when there`s no Wi-Fi connection.

Avoid data roaming charges

Link your number to any local SIM card for low-cost data & calls. Order local SIMs for over 40 countries delivered direct to your home address before you travel.

Low-cost international calls

Make international calls from your regular number at the lowest possible rates with or without Internet. Select regular calls for reliability, Internet calls for the lowest rates or call other Roamer users for free.

So simple, even your Grandma can do it

Make international calls
Receive calls in Roamer
Your number without roaming

Ready to get started?

Grab the app for your Apple or Android device.


Ready to get started?

Grab the app for your Apple or Android device.

So far so good. Saved about half cost on a two night trip to bangkok. Gonna try the half price option with a friend using same app in the UK.
Amazing app!!! Has saved me a fortune on international calls, fantastic idea and much better than using Skype or Viber!
Nicely designed and built app. Saves tons of money traveling abroad.
Easy to use, great look and saves money. Makes international call much cheaper and less of a headache.
Soe Min Than
Joel Pannick